Father Christ's Demon in a Bottle

Father Christopher Tunney (whom we call “Father Christ”) was a Pennsylvania based Priest who passed away a number of years ago. Without any surviving heirs, his home and belongings were put up for an estate sale.  Included among possessions were six cardboard boxes containing a series of mostly small, glass containers filled with unknown materials. Based upon some notes included in the boxes and a conversation with the woman running the auction, it became apparent that Father Tunney would occasionally perform a paranormal "cleansing" of local homes and items believed to be inhabited by spirits...and sometimes demons. He would coax or trick the spirit from its location and "bind" it to another object. In most cases...one of these glass containers.
From what we understand, the Father would create a mix of materials that he believed would convince the spirit to leave its current location and move to the vial.  Then, once sealed and contained, the vial was removed from the residence and stored away in these boxes.

We took possession of these items and decided to offer them for sale to the public as "Adopt a Spirit" and "Adopt a Demon" type novelties.  With hundreds of these items available, we continue to piece together their history and the story behind each binding (ie. an item unto which a spirit is placed in order to remove it from another place or object) we list them for sale at DemonicOddities.com.

We include with each purchase the binding (ie. the container) and all which it contains (binding materials, etc.) and a ridged display platform printed with a containment symbol (a symbol the spirit finds attractive).

There are basically two categories of bindings. Those for which we could not ascertain a history and those where we have been able to document with information such as the name the spirit calls itself, where it was removed from, why it was removed and sometimes the story leading to the binding. We price these accordingly using the level of detailed history, to determine value.

While our bindings are considered a novelty, we do offer some simple suggestions. First and foremost...these bindings contain a spirit that deserves respect and should be properly displayed. The vial should never be opened or any of the material inside removed.  We don't know what each binding contains and therefore, each should be handled with caution. We suggest displaying your binding for entertainment, novelty and history in a nice, semi-permanent location upon the platform provided.
These bound spirits and/or demons are undocumented which means, we were unable to determine any information about the entity contained within the binding.  When we purchased our bindings from the estate sale, we were able to research many of them to discover information such as the name by which the spirit called itself, an approximate date of binding, some history of the events leading to the binding, etc. For some of these bindings, we were unable to obtain some or any of this information.  We offer these undocumented bindings for sale at a greatly reduced price.  Included with each purchase is the binding (ie. the container) and all which it contains (binding materials, etc.) and a ridged display platform printed with a containment symbol (a symbol the spirit finds attractive).  No history is provided as we could not ascertain such information.

Ownership of any bound spirit is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  These beings can be of, or obtain extreme power which you may or may not be able to utilize for personal benefit.  Please treat your new bound spirit with respect and house your binding in a safe area.

Legally we are required to state that all binding items are for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care. All binding products are non-returnable and all sales are final.

Father Christ's Demon in a Bottle is a Trademark of DemonicOddities.com.
NOTE: This is a limited time offer on a finite number of undocumented, bound spirits and/or demons. Once our stock is depleted, there will be no more available...ever.
Demon in a Bottle - Marble Pentagram - $24.95
Demon in a Bottle - Demon Red - $24.95
Demon in a Bottle - After Life - $24.95
Demon in a Bottle - Gold Ghost - $24.95
Demon in a Bottle - Black Magic - $24.95
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